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Thursday, February 25, 2010

2PM + 2AM = One Day

One Day showed their love for their precious ones on the latest broadcast of Win Win“.
2PM were asked, “What do each of you guys value a lot?” to which they replied, they treasure each and every member, including Jaebum. The members then apologized to fans since they promised on the previous episode that they would not reveal any information about their Seattle-born leader. It’s heartwarming seeing the members showing their love and respect for him.

Meanwhile, surprise guest 2AM’s Jokwon showed his love for Brown Eyed GirlsGaIn. When asked which members they would never introduce to their younger sisters, Nickhun and Junho picked Seulong since he is too nice to girls and might cause many misunderstandings. On the other hand, Chansung immediately picked Jokwon, with the reason that Jokwon would more likely be his sister’s good friend than lover. Jokwon reacted by saying, “Well, I already love someone anyways. Are you jealous?” and caused the members to erupt in laughter. Jokwon not only shows his love for his make-believe wife on the show “We Got Married“, but on any other variety shows as well.
Taecyeon and Wooyoung also mentioned that they would introduce their sisters to Changmin because he was one hardworking trainee at JYPE, and would put their trust in him.
Also on this episode, 2PM were asked how long they would last as a group. They expressed their desire to come together again even when they are in their 40’s or 50’s to record an album, showing their close relationship and unity. They added that if they were to disband, Junho would want to start an online shopping mall with Seulong, while Taecyeon would delve into real estate and starting a cat character business. The Thai prince, Nickhun would like to settle down and be a good father and husband, and Chansung wants to continue dancing, singing and acting. Finally, Junsu, who loves to take pictures, was suggested by his members to be a paparazzi.
Honestly, I feel that both 2PM and 2AM might tease each other silly, but deep down inside, they’re just one big happy family, with their own hopes and aspirations for the future. Such responsible individuals, don’t you think?


all credits to:
ruraldaze (kpoplive)

Original Source: Newsen
Translations: YKH@2ONEDAY.COM


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