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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Park Jaebeom still has a GOOD HEART

This article isn't mine. I just happen to read this as I was browsing several blogs and updates about what is happening to 2PM and the Hottest now.

When I was reading the story, I was like "ohhhh..shhh..*^&%@#, is this true?". I am not certain as to whether this is true or not, but if ever this story is true, I must say that Jay still has the good heart.

Here's the story, I hope you guys will like it:

2PM's Fans are Now Getting Worst!

I just can't imagine how the issue about Jaebeom's withdrawal from 2PM went out!

[news] 2PM's crisis featured in Manila Bulletin

February 27, 2010, 1:20pm

Korean and international fans of K-pop boy band 2PM slammed Park Jin-Young (aka JYP), founder of JYP Entertainment, over the agency’s announcement last February 25 that Park Jaebum was not coming back to the group, saying that Jaebum’s supposed “personal wrongdoing” was only made up.

2PM/6PM and JYP Versus Fans

Note: The author is a well respected member of the community. This post has garnered a lot of support and encouragement.

I'm a Wonderful and a Hottest and so I've had to endure the pain of three withdrawals. When Wonder Girls' Hyunah first withdrew, Hyunah's fans expressed their disappointment and hatred towards the remaining members. The fans of the remaining members also got angry and expressed their hatred back.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dara Park's Birthday Message to leader, CL!

Charming and cutiiee Sandara Park (Dara) sent her birthday message and wish to leader CL..

here's the original message:

오늘 밥한끼도 못먹은 아가린… 미역국도 못끓여주구…ㅠㅠ엉엉엉 미안하다~!!!생일 너무너무너무 축하해~!^.^ 이제 스무살이지만 우리에겐 영원히~ 아가린~ 이야~!!! 앞으로도 건강하구 행복하렴!알라븅~~~!!!^^♥

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Wears Nothing!

SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong says "Why Not" to Samsung Card which is presently one of Korea's leading credit card companies.

The advertisement's theme is showing people doing stuffs which some people consider as stuff that are hilarious or shame.

2PM + 2AM = One Day

One Day showed their love for their precious ones on the latest broadcast of Win Win“.
2PM were asked, “What do each of you guys value a lot?” to which they replied, they treasure each and every member, including Jaebum. The members then apologized to fans since they promised on the previous episode that they would not reveal any information about their Seattle-born leader. It’s heartwarming seeing the members showing their love and respect for him.

Onew of SHINee Rocks the Musical

SHINee's shining leader Onew shows power in ticket sales in the musical he is staring, "Brothers Were Brave".

After Onew was revealed to be starring in the said musical which performances will take place in Coex Artium on April first to the 20th of June, fans rushed up purchasing tickets for the said event which totaled to 2,400 seats/tickets, were sold out in just about 2 minutes.

Jaebeom quits 2PM for good!

After Park Jaebeom's myspace controversy, 2PM's Jay is officially announced through JYPE's website that he will no longer be coming back and is officially consider as FORMER 2PM. It was announced just awhile ago (February 25th).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

NichKhun and MinHo Starring in Crystallized Love

After MinHo and NichKhun's appearance in 2PM Idol Army Episode 14 and 15 as a couple aired a long time ago, there's a fan who wrote a love story for them.

2PM and SHINee: Khun and MinHo kissed??

I know this video has been uploaded long time ago. I just want to share it to you guys.

Anyway, when i watched this video i can't stop my self but to cracked up in laughing. I really admire the group's professionalism to handle the situation though there were situations that was obviously awkward and can be a sort of issue source for their selves or career perhaps.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2ne1's Photos for Corby Endorsement Released

Try to Copy Me was released a week ago and immediately rushed up and made a big noise in charts. Now, 2ne1's photos for their Corby endorsement is released and been widely viewed trough web. Although 2ne1 is not having their music promotions, they are busy with stuffs like Corby.

C.N. Blue: Kang Min Hyuk

Code Name Blue's (a.k.a. CN Blue) drummer, Kang Min Hyuk an A typed boy who's hobby aside from playing drums is playing soccer and basketball with his peers and band mates. Min Hyuk was born on the 28th of June year 1991.

Onew of SHINee will be Staring a Musical

SHINee leader, Onew will soon be entering the musical world.

He will be starring a musical entitled, "Brothers Are Brave". The story will be showing two team brothers who will be fighting against a beautiful lady named, "Olola" because of their urge of wanting the lady to themselves. The two team of brothers would be, Joongbong brothers (played by Lee JiHoon and Onew) and Sukbong brothers (played by Hong Roki and Kim JaeMan).

The performances will start on the 1st of April and will continue every week from Tuesday to Sunday until the 20th of June. The said musical will take place at the Coex Artium.

Let us all show our love and support to leader Onew and the rest of the casts.



JJ of kpoplive.com

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

K-Pop United


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