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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Immersion 2010 (A Tribute to SWU, BSN-3 Section-I)

Immersion 2010 Batch 2 Brgy. Catang, Argao, Cebu, Philippines
B.S. Nursing-3 Section-I

Immersion 2010 was successfully done! A job well done to all section-i!

Let our minds start a journey thru a strange new world. Let us all leave the thoughts of the world we happen to knew before. Let our soul take us where we long to be. Let us close our eyes and let our spirit start to soar, and from there, we'll live as we've never lived before.

Thank you my ever love Section-i. As the journey of this so-called Immersion ends, marks the start of a more strong and united ring of friendship and brotherhood. Like a sugar melted in a glass of milk, we will always go together as a team no matter what challenges that lies ahead of us.

Friday, April 9, 2010

[announcement] K-Pop United Chat Box!

Yes! K-Pop United (K.U.) already have a chat box for you guys to have a chit chat with other people who visits the site. Here, you can share your thoughts and at the same time make friends with other kppopers.

Please take note that this chat box has been made in order to communicate to other kpop lovers around the globe, so please use nothing but English Language only. If you wish, you can use korean words but only limited to the basic ones (e.g. annyeong haseyo, annyeong, kamsahamnida, etc.). Please avoid using vulgar words and please please do not use harsh words and fight with other chatters.

Feel free to be a fan and leave your comments and suggestions in our facebook fan page.

Thank You.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

[video] Korean Harry Potter, SHINee's Onew in Musicale

After the lengthy preparation for his first musical, SHINee's leader Onew finally showed fans the result of his hard work.

Onew as one of the lead charcater for the musical, "Brothers Were Brave", entertained fans during the first show. Fans were grateful to see the leader live on stage not with SHINee members, but he himself as stage actor. Fans even named him, "Korean Harry Potter", for he looks like Harry with those spectacles on.

[video] Art of Movement (Jay Park) breaks it down at Project Korea III

Watch the full length of the show here in HIGH QUALITY.

and see it yourselves, how good Jay Park is in dancing Beyonce's hit, Single Ladies!

[news] 20 facts about SHINee's JongHyun

Belated Happy Birthday JongHyun~ ^^
(April 08, 1990)

20 facts about JONGHYUN

1. Has been said that the first line of “Love like oxygen” sounds like Michael Jackson’s style. “It does sound like it a bit.”, he admits it himself, but Usher is still irreplaceble, definitely!

2. “Bling Bling Jonghyun”, does it sound weird? He uses it all the time, be it during messaging or talking, he uses it. Because he loves R&B and Hip-hop too much, he wishes that he can shine forever (like bling bling). If you want it difficult to call that, “Hey Bling” can be used, thats what the members call him.

3. Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[new] Super Junior's Super Show 2 in the Philippines will be a HISTORY

MANILA, Philippines - PULP Live Productions in cooperation with Araneta Coliseum will make concert history in the Philippines with the one-night-only performance of the Super Junior Super Show 2 on April 10. It will also be the last tour destination for the Super Show 2 in an Asia tour that has been ongoing with tremendous success for the last six months in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

[photos] 2PM: Nichkhun's New Hair Color

Yesterday, 2PM was in Thailand for the MNet M Show King.

The Thai-American member Nichkhun attended the Suzuki's Jelato Fan Meeting event at Thailand Motorshow. 120 fans were also given a chance to take a group photo with Nichkhun.

[photos] 2PM's MV Filming Revealed

Just earlier today, a new, vibrant hairstyle photos of 2PM were released. 

After fans saw the photos, they were hoping that the group will comeback with an energetic and upbeat tracks after a sorrowful Again & Again and Heartbeat promotions.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[video] Super Junior's Choi Siwon Kissing Scene in Oh! My Lady

Super Junior's Choi Siwon locked lips with Jun Hye Jin in SBS drama, Oh! My Lady few weeks ago, and now on its latest episode, Siwon locked lips again! but this time, with co-star Chae Rim.

watch Siwon and Rim's kissing scene here!

     > allkpop
     > BoyssBeforeFlowerss @ youtube

[news] Top 70 K-Pop Group Members

Ranking of individual members of each group based on daum fancafe member.

01. DBSK - Xiah
02. DBSK - Micky
03. DBSK - Jaejoong
04. DBSK - Yunho
05. SNSD - Taeyeon
06. DBSK - Changmin
07. Big Bang - G-Dragon
08. SNSD - Yoona
09. Super Junior - Heechul
10. Super Junior - Donghae

[video] Rain's Album RELEASED!

Due to the cancellation of music programs, Bi Rain's album launching was delayed.
Cry no more, because this Korean international pop star really knows how to keep his words.

Just this midnight of April 7, 2010 (Korean Time), Rain officially released the album "Back to the Basic" that his fans have been dying for.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

U-Kiss LIVE Concert in Manila, Philippines

Just recently, U-Kiss came to the Philippines to promote their album Only One. Fans did not disappoint the group and showed full support all throughout their series of mall tours and performances in the country.