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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2PM and SHINee: Khun and MinHo kissed??

I know this video has been uploaded long time ago. I just want to share it to you guys.

Anyway, when i watched this video i can't stop my self but to cracked up in laughing. I really admire the group's professionalism to handle the situation though there were situations that was obviously awkward and can be a sort of issue source for their selves or career perhaps.

Well.. i just discovered a new couple called, "Khun-Ho" (Nichkhun of 2PM and MinHo of SHINee). No offense to their fans (which i myself is also a fan of), but the couple is really making me insane which made me burst in laughing and giggling.

Watch this video for you guys to relate, :))

click below for direct linkl:

mellowgreenleaf from youtube.com


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