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Saturday, February 20, 2010

C.N. Blue: Kang Min Hyuk

Code Name Blue's (a.k.a. CN Blue) drummer, Kang Min Hyuk an A typed boy who's hobby aside from playing drums is playing soccer and basketball with his peers and band mates. Min Hyuk was born on the 28th of June year 1991.

Min Hyuk's specialty when it comes to musical instrument is actually playing the "flute", but since he is into an indie rock band he is to play the drums, and luckily, the company did not make the wrong decision of choosing him as the drummer of the rocking band because every strikes and hit of the drums, it turns a lot of fans on the track.

Aside from Min Hyuk's outstanding drum strikes, fans can not get rid of his deadly smiling eyes which melt screaming girl fans during performances.



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