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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jaebeom quits 2PM for good!

After Park Jaebeom's myspace controversy, 2PM's Jay is officially announced through JYPE's website that he will no longer be coming back and is officially consider as FORMER 2PM. It was announced just awhile ago (February 25th).

JYP Entertainment has released a letter online towards the public”
“On December 22nd, 2009, Park Jaebeom’s representative stated over the phone that Jaebeom had confessed that his actions were very wrong. After the MySpace controvery got quite out of control last summer, the six other members were very shocked. On January 6th, 2010, everyone of us (along with the members) sat down for a discussion and came to an agreement that it will no longer be possible for Park Jaebeom to continue activities along with 2pm.”
So sad of losing our hopes of seeing Jay perform with his former group again. Let us just all wish for miracles and keep our support and love to 2PM and to Jay.

It doesn't matter even if it was announced that Jay won't be coming back, the important thing is Jay will remain to the heart of the fans as the one and true leader of the hottest 2PM.



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