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Friday, March 19, 2010

NichKhun the Chief!

2PM's prince, NichKhun received a lot of love and support from fans since his debut as a 2PM member.

This Thai-American pop singer comprises a lot of skills. On Sunday Sunday Night's Danbi (Philippine Trip), NichKhun showcase his secret cooking skills. The singer made Goong-joong dduk-bok-i, a sweeter version of Korea's famous spicy rice cake plate.

Khun did the whole preparation for his cooking, from setting up the fire, preparing the ingredients to be used, etc. He even do the food tasting himself to make sure that the food he prepared was just right. During their stay in the Philippines, Khun showed a lot of effort in doing charity work together with staffs.

Danbi's third episode for their Philippine trip will continue this 21st of March.



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