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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[photos] 2PM's MV Filming Revealed

Just earlier today, a new, vibrant hairstyle photos of 2PM were released. 

After fans saw the photos, they were hoping that the group will comeback with an energetic and upbeat tracks after a sorrowful Again & Again and Heartbeat promotions.

As new photos from the group's music video filming site were released, it seems like we will be in for another dark song again.

The fashion director of JYP Entertainment recently tweeted a photo, wherein dark scene with a large Roman clock underneath some lights and sprinklers effect were shown. Hottest are already talking about this photo.

What do you think the video would be?

There are also photos in the internet that emerged, showing TaecYeon in the music video filming site while filming for 2PM's upcoming music video for their comeback

Cant wait? :D

SOURCE: allkpop


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