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Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Announcement] K-Pop United is Looking for Authors

Good day!

K-Pop United is in need of authors. Calling those interested people who loves KPOP!


1. You MUST have a blogger blog (if you have none, it's easy to make one, visit www.blogspot.com and make one.)
2. You are well oriented with KPOP (Korean Pop)
3. You are good in english
4. You can post at least 1 update per day (updates include: latest news, photos and videos)

If you have all of these qualifications, what are you waiting for?! Fill up the application  form below and e-mail it to kpopunited@yahoo.com

Facebook Account:
Your Blog's URL:

How long have you been a K-Pop fan?


Don't hesitate to join us! Speak your heart out and be one of us!

Yours Truly,
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