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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dara Park's Birthday Message to leader, CL!

Charming and cutiiee Sandara Park (Dara) sent her birthday message and wish to leader CL..

here's the original message:

오늘 밥한끼도 못먹은 아가린… 미역국도 못끓여주구…ㅠㅠ엉엉엉 미안하다~!!!생일 너무너무너무 축하해~!^.^ 이제 스무살이지만 우리에겐 영원히~ 아가린~ 이야~!!! 앞으로도 건강하구 행복하렴!알라븅~~~!!!^^♥

In English:

Today I didn’t eat a meal… I didn’t even cook brown seaweed soup…ㅠㅠ Ungungung sorry~!!! Happy happy happy Birthday~!^.^ CL is forever with us~ CL~ Yah~!!! Best wishes and good health! I love you~~~!!!^^♥

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