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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2PM/6PM and JYP Versus Fans

Note: The author is a well respected member of the community. This post has garnered a lot of support and encouragement.

I'm a Wonderful and a Hottest and so I've had to endure the pain of three withdrawals. When Wonder Girls' Hyunah first withdrew, Hyunah's fans expressed their disappointment and hatred towards the remaining members. The fans of the remaining members also got angry and expressed their hatred back.

After that, the distinction between the Wonder Girls and Hyunah became clear.

JYPE is notorious for using the same tactics and this is the same tactic that he's using now with Jaebum's case. It might be a ploy to bring down both the remaining members and Jaebum at once. There are already fansites that are angry and shielding the remaining members, asking 'Why are you only Text Colorattacking our oppas?' Because of JYPE's tactics, it is the fans that are suffering.

However, this time, JYPE has lost.

JYPE has purposely made it so that there is no way out. Immediately after the notice, fans began to speculate as to whether the boys truly agreed to Jaebum's withdrawal and came up with a list of dates that contradicted their statement.

Unfortunately, 2PM will fail. I'm sure you all know of the reason.

Firstly, sasaeng fans have released their information out of anger. (TN: Sasaeng fans are aggressive fans that follow the boys around 24/7. They are notorious for having garnered a lot of personal information about the boys.)

Why did we love 2PM? Because they never packaged themselves. They were never fake, they were always honest. They were friendly with each other. However, through the release of the sasaeng accounts, we were able to learn their true personalities. I will not go out of my way to paste the specific sasaeng accounts here but they have already been spread far and wide.

Secondly, the 2PM members were extremely unmannered at the conference.

Maybe they had a lot of schedules and were tired? However, the fans were asking the questions in a serious matter. The members were holding their chin ups with their hands, falling asleep, stretching in their seats... This is an issue that has the life on the line of one of their members. How can they show such unmannerly acts in a time of crisis?

And their tone. It's not even enough for them to have been respectful but their tone of voice was sarcastic and disrespectful. They answered their questions as if they no longer needed Jaebum in 2PM.

I would like to ask them myself. There are fans that were only able to be with Jaebum for a year and 5 months and are able and willing to protect him. For having been together with Jaebum for 3-5 years, how could the members not be willing to do the same?

During the conference, a mother of teenagers the age of 2PM angrily stated that they have turned Jaebum into international trash. Other people, no matter how inhumane the acts they have committed are, no matter how trashy their act is, they have human rights.

But 6PM and JYPE... has trampled on the human rights of Jaebum.

To organize this with a conclusion, we are now against Jaebum returning to 2PM.**(and so am i). We are not willing to let Jaebum return to such a trashy agency and have to deal with the fake members. He is not someone that belongs there.

6PM......... no, 2PM, has failed.

I am regretful.
It is Jaebum, the one that has engraved 2PM onto the side of his head, that has brought 2PM to the top that they are at now. The length of idols last 5 years but the memories last forever. 2PM will never last 5 years, let alone 3.

They might be able to make a few bucks but they are the ones that will come out on varieties years later and make money by speaking of Jaebum's names on varieties.

Like they have put the tag of 'dirty social life' onto Jaebum's name, we will put the tag of 'traitors' onto their names.

JYPE believes that people will feel sympathetic towards 6PM. JYPE believes that they will be able to garner new fans.

They are wrong.

As long as people know of 2PM's true colors... even other fanclubs are disgusted with the recent accounts of 2PM.

One person was able to save six members, but how could six members not be able to save one.

If you wish to live, you will die. If you wish to die, you will live. (사즉필생: Direct quote from Wooyoung's Cyworld, he posted this after Jay's incident.)
6PM... in order to live by yourself, you will die now.

May be taken out with full credits.
note: ** is written by pinkbunny not included on the original context.


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