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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2PM: The Ugly Truth


According to Sasaeng fans, 2PM has treated Jay with utmost disrespect and hatred. Question is: How can they really prove it?Note: This is an editorial, and it may contain some slight opinionated reasoning. No offense intended.

As most of you know by now, Jay has now completely left JYP Entertainment. This triggered Jaebum’s fans, and fans who believe 2PM should be 7. The division between the two has widely separated, as sasaeng fans, who according to insider2pm, actually stalk the idols revealed malicious secrets of the 2PM members.
If you read the sasaeng fan’s notes on the other 2PM members behaving rudely and disrespectfully to Jaebum, it seems shocking and disturbing. How are these boys who we once loved for their friendly, yet beastly image, have such a cold side?
However, did it occur to anyone that this may not be true? Now, I am not saying it is not true. Who am I to say that? I have no proof, but neither do these sasaeng fans. They say they “stalk” the idols, but where is the actual proof? Should we believe the words of someone in the internet? Heck, when I meet someone in the internet, they lie about everything! Their age, their gender, their country, their occupation. In the internet world, everything is just words unless there are videos. Photos don’t even do the trick these days.
So, lets start analyzing. 90 percent of these articles have to do with Jay leaving, 2PM celebrating, or 2PM treating Jay rudely. The one that caught my attention was this one:
A few days after Jay left, he went to karaoke with Chansung and Wooyoung.
Sasaeng fans followed and heard something ridiculous.
They wrote new lyrics to songs and sang about how happy they were because Jay, the Yankee, had left.
Thanks to him, they no longer had to divide the money into 7 but 6.
Some people ask “How do you know it’s Taecyeon?” Do you really think sasaeng fans can’t even recognize voices??
You don’t even need to be a Sasaeng fan to recognize the idol’s voice. If they are singing about this topic, any 2PM fan should know it. What’s really interesting here is the assumption that people are persuaded to believe. Since they are sasaeng fans, we should already believe anything they say about 2PM because they stalk the idols and possibly know so much more about them. However, have we met these fans? Are they our friends who we can trust? It could just be that these sasaeng fans are just angry about Jay’s resignation and wrote hurtful comments. Couldn’t it also be that sasaeng fans are using their name and the status and power of the name to persuade people. Of course, there is always the other option that they are right, and have proof of this, and not just words on the internet.
If you read more, you will find that Jay has been abused a lot for being an American and other things. If he was abused like that, don’t you think he could have left like he did now even when he was a 2PM member? If you notice, when something controversial happens between members, and fans try to support a particular member, they ALWAYS make people try to feelbad for them.
Let’s go back to the past. There was a rumor, made by anti SM fans, about Lee Soo ManChangmin, forcing him to sleep with a girl in a drama. If so, Lee Soo Man broke 2 laws. Now in Korea, it may be less strictly enforced, especially the corporal punishment aspect of it, but didn’t three members of DBSK actually SUE SM Entertainment? They didn’t sue Lee Soo Man, they sued SM. What was the reason? Money, disagreements, unfair money distribution. However, if Changmin was hit and abused, wasn’t this his chance to get back at SM for being hit? Lots of people replied saying Changmin couldn’t sue, or in fact, lots of groups couldn’t do anything when they were mistreated. Now we know that’s wrong, after DBSK and Super Junior taking action against their own entertainment! saying that he hit DBSK 
It’s a simple tactic. Fans try to make their idol pitiful, and make others who they don’t like look bad, by describing their mean actions to their idol.
As a 2PM fan, I am extremely disappointed JYP didn’t try to keep Jay. I feel sorry for the other 6 2PM members as well.We will never know the actual truth until Jaebum himself comes out and tell his why he actually left, but because the reason was tagged as a “personal mistake/problem”, we will never know. Some things are just meant to stay hidden.
So, what do you really think of this 2PM and Jaebum controversy? Is it worth hating 2PM even if we don’t actually know them?
I am not trying to change’s someone mind here. It’s just a view from the other side. However, if you do wish to support this view, feel free to post this editorial on any site or forum.
Sasaeng Translations: http://insider2pm.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/translated-sasaeng-fan-accounts/



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  2. I didn't believe any of this thiscrazy obsessions like lie on this idols

  3. I didn't believe any of this thiscrazy obsessions like lie on this idols

  4. I dont understand how some people believe any rumour they hear about.Even if you want that rumour to be true or you want to believe it YOU can't just believe something you have never seen it with your own eyes or when there is no evidence/proof of that rumour being true.Even if it's true Who are you to judge or hate a human being just because of a rumour??I have seen that all the Korean fans are very harsh cuz when an idol posts a pic ,wears or does anything that the fans don't like they have to come out and apologize to their fans as if they committed any crime.Guys Idols have a life as well ,they HUMANS as well so please dont treat them like some puppies that are there only to make you happy.if you are really their fans don't just hate them ir judge them when they do something wrong,they not perfect they make mistakes as well so instead please show them some real support and love.