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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SS501's Comeback

1st day of May is 501's Day in which SS501 will be reappearing in the industry to explode new bomb for fans waiting for their comeback stage.

In their press conference for their "Persona" encore concert, assiduous leader Kim Hyun Joong announced that the group is thinking of releasing a brand new album in the next few months. As to the album, it is still uncertain as to whether the group will be releasing a brand new mini-album or a full-length album which will happen to be their second full-length album.

According to the group, they learned a lot in performing on stage in there Asia concert tour when they released their mini-album Rebirth in October last year. The group said that they want to hold Asian tours every year and communicate with fans. They also want to launch fantastic albums for their fans who have been there from the time they started.

SS501's fans is now very excited for the 5 men to perform on stage with a brand new single.


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