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Sunday, February 28, 2010

[news] 2PM's crisis featured in Manila Bulletin

February 27, 2010, 1:20pm

Korean and international fans of K-pop boy band 2PM slammed Park Jin-Young (aka JYP), founder of JYP Entertainment, over the agency’s announcement last February 25 that Park Jaebum was not coming back to the group, saying that Jaebum’s supposed “personal wrongdoing” was only made up.

2PM fans are still in shock over the news and are planning different activities to show their support for Jaebum, including boycotting the remaining six members of the boy band.

JYPE announced last February 25 on its website that Jaebum is permanently out of 2PM and that it has terminated its exclusive contract with Jaebum because of the latter’s alleged admission that he made a “personal mistake” when the boy band was promoting “Again & Again” last year.

The announcement also claimed that the remaining six members of 2PM reached a consensus that they could no longer work with Jaebum because of the wrongdoing.

However, JYPE did not disclose the alleged wrongdoing, saying it was a private matter. This sparked rumors including a supposed sex tape between Jaebum and Sunmi, former member of the Wonder Girls, who quit the girl band to resume her studies in South Korea. The rumor was denied by JYPE.

Fans said the “facts” contained in the announcement were inconsistent. They pointed out that the January 3 meeting between JYPE and the six members was not possible since the members were on vacation at the time.

Korean and international fans have been posting criticisms against JYP on forums. Korean fans are flocking to the JYPE building in Cheongdam in Gangnam, Seoul, to post more pro-Jaebum notes.

They put chrysanthemum flowers at the doorstep of the building to signify their mourning. White flowers in Korea symbolize death.

Fans have terminated their membership in the official 2PM fan cafe to protest JYPE’s decision on Jaebum.

Others have directed their anger towards the remaining six members of 2PM, saying that they betrayed their former leader. Fans even urged some of them to withdraw from TV programs that they currently appear in as permanent members.

There is a scheduled meeting between JYPE officials and 2PM, and the representatives of fan clubs in Korea on February 27. The meeting was scheduled even before the February 25 announcement.


I wasn't expecting this news will reach Philippines since I never heard about 2PM's updates nor news published in Philippine media publishing corporations nor in any TV news.

And now, Manila Bulletin (one of the largest media publishing corporation in the Philippines) featured 2PM and JYP's crisis with regards Jaebeom's issue.

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