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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2PM's Fans are Now Getting Worst!

I just can't imagine how the issue about Jaebeom's withdrawal from 2PM went out!

Frankly speaking, I want Jay back but doing this stuffs to the remaining member seems to be wrong and cruel. I know how you guys feels because I am a hottest myself, but c'mon! wake up guys! Damage has been done, let us just learn to accept it.

If you guys want Jaebeom to be happy, let us learn to respect one another.

No offense, I just want you guys to think again. If you guys really love Jay, learn to respect the group that he once lead. I know each one of us has our own opinions and way of expressions but if you guys continue to do such cruelty, you are just showing that you and the persons you hated, because of this devastating matter, has no difference.

If we are entitled for the rights, so are they.

PLEASE, for Jaebeom's sake Let's stop doing this stuffs!


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